Saturday, July 2, 2011

Pleasant Surprises

It shouldn't be a shock to anyone that I went to Outward last night. I had already been wrestling with the idea of going, but after a stressful day at work and a text from James saying that he was going, I knew that I was going to make him buy me a drink. I know I'm supposed to be pissed at him, but I still think he's a nice guy and I really didn't have money in the budget to buy my own drink at the time.

It took a second for me to find the proper outfit for the occasion. I ended up with what my bestie calls my "Fuck Me Dress" on (because of it's low hemline and my tendency to let my boobs hang out of it) and some shoes I wasn't too sure about. As I arrived outside I walked up to SG to make sure that my shoes complimented my outfit. I've seen him stand out there and roast the women that weren't fly enough, so I wanted to look my best. He told me that I looked good. Damn right I did. Then I went inside to find James.

We hugged and talked briefly before hitting the dance floor. They happened to have a reggae set and we winded and grinded. I wanted to kiss him there, but I resisted. But I knew what was on his mind. He slid his leg between mine as we squatted and my short dress seemed to get even shorter. I grabbed his stomach to hold on to him. It was a very sexy and unspoken dance that we did. Not raunchy, but slow and slightly erotic. He never grabbed a tit, but he carefully grazed my thighs and held me close as we let the music tell our bodies what to do next.

A few dances in I got hot and went outside and left him inside. There again stood SG. I gotta fall back, I'm really starting to like this dude. And I know that he likes me too. But he's married. Unhappily, but still. Sad face. We talked about the differences between men and women and I watched as he joked with the guys standing around outside. I asked if he gets hit on a lot while working and I watched as a few chicks eye humped him while we stood there. About 20 minutes later James walked out and he asked me to join him at a bar up the street.

Finally, what I'd come for. We got there and I asked him what the deal was. I said that obviously he had some other shit going on and I was apparently just a blip on the screen. He swore that wasn't the case. He admitted that yes, there were some other women he was dating, but he wasn't screwing everything and everyone. I told him flat out that I didn't care if he was seeing other women. He said that there was nothing going on and he swore that we'd get together soon. I don't know if it was my beer or what, but I leaned in to kiss him. Then I did it again. And then again. I'm surprised they didn't pull out the hose on us.

I told him that I like him, but I know that I shouldn't. So much for the Player Code. He asked why I shouldn't. I said honestly that I don't know, but I know it's a bad idea. We got outside and we kissed two more times. I'm just going to pretend that it was the beer (which I'm sure played a minor part) and not lust that made us unable to keep our hands off one another. I told him that it's a good thing that we're both staying with other people at the moment, because otherwise I'd suggest that we head home together. I said that perhaps its the gods telling us that we're not meant to get it on. He said that it's probably just a matter of timing and that the gods still wanted that for us. Only time will tell.

Once James left I went back to stand post next to SG. Somehow it came up that I'd just left to get a drink with James. SG asked why I would do such a thing. Then I mentioned that I also kissed him. SG was incredulous at that. Not to toot my own horn, but I think that SG may have been a bit jealous. He cracked a few jokes about my choice in men before he admitted that James is actually a good guy and that he likes him. By that time the club was closed and I ran inside to use the ladies room. I saw two of my male friends from the club standing inside and asked them to vacate so that I could use it. One of the dudes named Crazy looked at me and said "I'm a grown ass man, you think I haven't seen pussy before?! If you need to go pee, go pee!" With that I made my way into the stall and rereleased my beer.

As I came out I joked with the dudes about never having peed in a room where two men were casually talking. Welcome to Outward. I briefly said hello to Claude and adjusted my boobs. When I walked back outside to SG. He accused me of unbuttoning the front of my dress to make my jugs stand out more. I assured him that I'd had the same number of buttons undone all night. He gave me the gas face. To playfully shut him up, I buttoned the dress to the top. A few minutes later I undid a couple of them and he noticed that also. So apparently, the married SG has been looking at my chest. Not that I mind. Quite the opposite actually...