Monday, July 11, 2011


Well, Audrey still hates Chris based on their meeting while she was drunk. I hope I'm not being biased just because I enjoy fucking him, but truthfully, she was pretty drunk and a tad obnoxious that night. I swore to her today that I think the way he reacted to her may have had more to do with her being "drunk, obnoxious, lesbian, recent divorcee chick" rather than her weight. She responded that him being a dick has more to do with his character than their initial meeting. I asked for examples.

She named a recent encounter in which he and I were doing the nasty and he got a knock at the door by a chick that he'd recently decided to stop screwing. Apparently he and I had made plans earlier in the day to knock boots and she tried to make plans to come thru after he and I had set things in place. She came through anyway and she knocked mid session, temporarily killing the moment. I wanted him to answer the door just to see how he would react to her, but he declined to do so and we eventually got back to the task at hand. Personally, I think that he was within his right to play her to the left simply because she'd been told no, but she took it upon herself anyway. However, Audrey felt that Chris was a douche about it and that he should have simply stopped, put on his clothes, and walked outside to confront his female intruder. Personally, I felt that the chick was out of pocket and since she showed up after being told not to, she was given his ass to kiss, which was okay, given the circumstances.

Audrey stood firm on her stance that him allowing her to stand outside knocking on the door while we lay inside knocking the boots was rude. I, on the other hand, defended Chris in his action since he'd told the chick early on that she would not be welcome that evening. Me being the woman I am, I decided to contact an old friend of mine to get his take on the whole thing. I called my old friend, Todd.

Todd and I go back to my freshman year of college where I met him. I used to hang with two of my old classmates, Claudia and Mary and Todd was like a brother to us all, although Todd and Mary had always had sexual tension. Todd used to always say that of the three of us, once I got into my own, I'd be the freakier of the three of us, although I did not see it then. I guess it's safe to say that he was right. Moving on, I asked him about the thing with me, Chris, and the intruder and Todd felt that Chris had the right to handle things the way he wanted in his own home, but he also felt that it would have been rude for Chris to take his attention from me to deal with her at the moment.

While talking I told Todd that I'd realized earlier in the day that he was right about me ending up as a freak. I told him that I'd noticed it when I thought about Chris' upcoming birthday and how I'd have to get some whipped cream for us to properly celebrate the occasion that night. I couldn't help but to laugh at myself being the kind of woman to pull out whipped cream and other goodies to commemorate the occasion. Todd told me that he knew I'd be the kind of woman to be down for various sexual activities due to my free spirit. Then he told me about my friend Mary.

Todd and Mary have been getting it on various times for the last couple of years. For years when we were younger they flirted, but life happened and although they remained close, they drifted. At some point they were both married to other people and he had a son and she had two daughters. Eventually they were both single and able to get it on. I hoped upon hope that the two of them would end up together. It isn't going so well.

According to Todd, the sex has been, well, less than stellar. Actually his word was boring. I couldn't believe it. How on earth was a girl in my squad boring? I'm Keisha for God's sake. I'm the woman that grabs a man's balls for fun. I'm the same woman that can ride a lap with the best of them. I'm the woman that gets pissed off if a man isn't breathing in my ear that his is the best pussy he's ever been in. How can a good friend since junior year of high school not be the kind of woman that writes her name on a man's dick?

Just to be sure, I asked Todd what the problem was. He said that she just lays there. No oral, no doggy style, no screaming, just moaning the same two words. I was mortified for her. What kind of grown woman doesn't have it in her to give every man she's fucking her very best? I was both baffled and sad for her. He stated that while my concern was appreciated, Mary is such a stubborn person who only does things her own way, there was no sense in trying to talk to her.

It's true, she has always been the kind of woman that does what she wanted. She has always been a woman that stuck to her own guns. She basically married early in her college career and immediately had children. She'd always let her mother and father think for her. She never really thought about trying new things. She went from her parents to her husband and never had to think for herself. Now that she's nearly 40, she feels that there is no need to start doing what she hasn't done before. And I guess that includes giving guys anything they desire sexually.

I feel bad for Mary. I really do. But Keisha's got some whipped cream to buy.