Sunday, July 24, 2011

Booed Up

When I initially began this blog, I started it as a way to chronicle my own adventures in dating. I did not expect to meet Chris so soon and to fall for him as hard as I did. I've even seriously decided to fall back on Outburst and cut my other dudes loose as I let him be the only one to sample my goodies. I told Audrey about being offered the chance to make out with both Claude and James on Friday night and she replied "you must really like Chris when you stop making out with random guys." Dang Audrey, tell me how you really feel.

Anyway, luckily for the readers of this blog, my friends still offer plenty of writing material. I'll start with late last Saturday/early last Sunday. I got a call around 4 a.m. from my friend, Christy. Based on the time of day, I knew it was something serious. I answered and had her tell me that she'd just caught her ex, Ben, in bed with another woman. However, not only was it another woman, it was the same woman that had come to their home when they lived together.

As soon as she told me what happened, the first words out of my mouth were "that's not you anymore homie." I proceeded to remind her that Ben had done the same damn thing that he'd always done, which is why she had decided to move out to begin with. I talked to her for about another 20 minutes and hung up, confident that I had reminded her that she's done well without him since they'd broken up.

Imagine my surprise when as shopping for a birthday present for Chris a few days later (told you I'm sprung), I got another call from her, again about Ben. I tried my best to be sympathetic, but I probably wasn't as much as she'd hoped I'd be. I told her flat out that it was time for her to move on with her life. Christy is an absolute dime. I've seen us walk into clubs and bars and watched all of the men crane their necks to watch her pass, yet she remained concerned about her exboyfriend's recent exploit. Truthfully, I don't think he did anything wrong. He's single, so if he wants to screw another woman, that's his business. Of course I'd never say that to my friend though. Christy still feels that him still screwing the woman that had visited their home shows that he had some real emotion for her.

Being a good friend, when Christy told me that she needed a girl's night out, I agreed. We got dressed up and headed to where else, but Outburst. Candy called me while en route and we agreed to meet up and later get something to eat. Christy made her way inside while I sat outside and talked to SG. I told him about my recent boo-dom and told him how head over heels I am for Chris. SG then reminded me that I still live with my ex. I told him that I'd met Chris a few weeks ago, but it seems like I've known him forever. SG said that he understood my emotions, but cautioned me in taking on a new love interest so soon.

As I stood outside, I saw Candy walk up, but I saw also saw Christy walk back outside. She came up to me, looked me in the eye and said "she's here." I asked who she referred to. That's when she told me that the same chick who she'd pulled out of bed naked with her ex a week ago was now inside of the club. She said that she looked at the woman and said "you know who I am" before coming outside. She explained the situation to us so we decided to high tail it before SG had to pull out the handcuffs and not in a good way. Funny enough, we'd run into James inside so he decided to come with us to go eat.

After we ate, James and I said our goodbyes (no kisses here!) and I took Christy back to her car. I wanted desperately to tell her to let go of Ben, but she's made up her mind that he's done something wrong (although he hasn't) so there isn't much I can do or say. After I dropped her off, I went back to Outburst. I ran into SG and explained to him that Christy hadn't seen her man in bed with another woman, she saw her ex in bed. SG responded by saying that she had no reason to be upset. I agreed with him. He told me that I should have told him so that he could have corrected her. I explained to him that sometimes as a friend, you just have to go with it.

I finished out the night hanging with Claude and a few trannies. While in a corner, Claude asked me if I wanted to make out. I smiled at him and announced that I'm officially booed up and there would be no making out.

So there you have it. Christy isn't only one of my friends that seems to be having shitty luck with men. I on the other hand am so in lust with Chris that I see rainbows and hearts every where I turn. I really hope that Christy moves on with her life, the same way I have. Funny enough, she's moved out from being with her ex, yet the heart strings are still attached. I live with my ex and I recently found out that he screwed his ex wife. I couldn't care if I was paid to. I'm all about Chris. And I like it.