Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Beginning

Anyway, after hearing her talk about her horrific night, I knew it was time to take to the internet to share our stories. I guess I'll start with my recent birthday. It was a while ago and I got drunk off my ass for the first time in years and I met a guy named James. He was so sweet that he even offered to pay for my meal at Waffle House after we left the club, despite another friend of mine being willing to do so. We talked and chatted via text messaging and the occasional phone call and I pretty much decided that he was the man I was supposed to spend my life with. So imagine my surprise when he blew off our planned date a week later.

His blowing me off happened at a time when I was totally done with men giving me the shaft, so I erased his number. I could tell that he'd backed up tremendously, being that I'd had it happen more than once. I erased it so that I'd never have to be tempted to text him again. So imagine my surprise when he shot me a text message Monday like nothing ever happened. I was glad he texted me but standing me up has not been forgotten. Its the next day now and we've texted one another all day. I want to ask him when we'll finally get together, but I'm refusing to. He bailed on me once and I'm not walking into it again. The plan is to wait for him to mention it. If he doesn't suggest a date, we won't go out. And once I do see his ass face to face, I'm going to let him know that my time is too valuable for the games.

The odd thing is that I got another blast from the past surprise yesterday. An old friend, TJ hit me up after disappearing on me a couple of months ago. TJ is a friend of a friend of the family. No one else knows that he and I are planning to swap spit (and a couple more fluids) when I head up to Philadelphia next month. He, much like James disappeared on me. We chatted a few times on Facebook where we set a date to get it in the next time we meet up. TJ is a model and has the body and face of a Greek god. Every time I see a new modeling pic of him I'm tempted to lick the screen and change panties. But then suddenly, like so many other men, he was gone. Poof. That's it. No more. I couldn't figure out what happened, but like I've learned to do in circumstances like that, I severed the ties, unfriended him so I wouldn't be tempted to continue to stalk his page, and I moved on.

But then he up and shot me a message on FB. I knew this time around to play it cool. He asked how I'd been. I wanted to ask what the hell happened, but I simply responded with short and sweet answers. He never explained his absence, but he did tell me that there was never beef on his end and that we were still cool. Keisha ain't stupid. He was hitting me up to make sure that we're still fucking when I come up later this summer. Damn right we are, but I can't let him know that yet so I'm continuing to keep things casual and short.

So then also today, I got yet ANOTHER guy that had blown me off. This dude, Tim, had actually blown me off of three separate dates. Our first was supposed to be lunch at a sushi restaurant, when he hit me that day and told me it wasn't happening. We pushed it back another week. He missed that one too. He promised me brunch the next day. I told myself that I wasn't going to get out of my pajamas until I heard something from him. The asshole hit me at 1 p.m. and said that he'd overslept. Bastard. He apologized profusely. I told him that it was cool, and we could be friends, but I wouldn't be taking out the time to set a date with him again.

Tim texted me and apologized again and said that he realized that he fucked up heavily and that he misses me. He said that he wants to make it up to me and that he wants to meet with me tomorrow. I thought about it and told him that I had to work. Okay, yeah it was a lie, but after he stood me up 3 times in a row there was no way in hell I was about to squeeze his ass in. He told me that he understood and that he'd be waiting if I was ever willing to give him another shot.

I have to admit, this is empowering. Three dudes that had blown me off previously are now ready to fall in line and all within a couple of days. Awesome. The crazy thing is that being blown off has taught me the game. I've been played enough that I now know not to make myself too desperate or needy. I have to be willing to walk away and not look back and let them know that I mean business. Even the dude that I have every intention of fucking is still gonna be dealt with in a cool manner until I'm ready show him what I intend to do to him. Lucky bastard for being fine as hell. The only reason he's still in there is that he's a certified 10. If he were an 8 or below, I'd make his ass go to the back of the line.

Okay kiddies, time for bed now. I'll fill you in with the details of my night at the club a few weeks ago and share the dirt on Audrey's threesome. Until then.